Africa Conference on Land Grabs

Gravitazz Continental Initiative (GCI), in collaboration with a number of civil society organisations including the Thabo Mbeki Leadership Institute, The Centre for African Renaissance, The UNISA School of Law, The Walter Sisulu University School of Law, Brilliance of Hope and Human Rights Institute of South Africa organised a conference from the 28-29 October 2014 addressing the new phenomemon of land grabbing on the African continent. Land Grabbing is loosely defined as the sudden rush by powerful multinationals, rich individuals and certain countries across the world to acquire large tracts of land for various purposes. These land transactions often target countries with weak land policies, carried out under questionable circumstances and have massive negative impact on the local populations. This conference was a culmination of over a year of planning, consultation and mobilisation of a wide spectrum of stakeholders across the African continent including private sector, NGOs, CBOs, academic institutions, traditional Leaders, UN agencies, governments and the various arms of the African Union especially the Pan-African Parliament and NEPAD. Various speakers hailed the occasion for being the First Conference on Land Grabs organised and held on the African Continent. The conference brought together academics, social movements, media, private sector representation, activists, UN representation, NGOs, researchers and delegates from outside of Africa.