Reflect | Connect | Be Transformed

As we move towards the 2017 celebration of the 500th anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation, LUCSA is reflecting on how Lutheranism has impacted Africans, connecting with the global community with LWF, and opening our hearts towards where God is calling us to continually transform ourselves. Join our communion in the celebration by reading through what it means to be liberated by God’s grace!

The following resources have been provided by Lutheran World Federation, and you can access them by clicking here.

Liberated by God’s Grace

God’s grace is liberating! With this free gift we are able to be free ourselves. The theme for the 500th celebration of the reformation is centered on this gift of freedom. Yet, this gift is not just about salvation.

Salvation – Not for Sale

The gift of salvation is free. We will not be able to purchase our salvation, and we will not be able to sell it away. We must remember that this gift is precious, and that this is the central message of the doctrine of justification.

Human beings – Not for Sale

We are encouraged through this celebration to not just reflect on the past, but also to see the changes we need to make today. Every person is a gift and made perfect through God’s eyes, therefore we must be fully respected in her/his dignity and integrity. We need to address the practices that create or increase poverty by our churches.

Creation – Not for Sale

Humans are not the only precious thing that God created. Our earth has been given as a gift from God and we must work to end exploitative human domination and resource abuse of this gift. We must fully respect and protect the earth as God’s good creation.

Goals of 2017 Celebration

Strengthen the LWF Communion

We want our member churches to recognize the mutuality of being part of the global Lutheran communion and to get involved in regional and global preparations for Reformation 2017.

Deepen understanding of what it means to be Lutheran

We want our member churches to think and talk about how to be Lutheran churches in ongoing reformation in their current contexts.

Strengthen our ecumenical commitment

We want to explore with other Christian World Communions our calling in the world today and how we can respond together.

Reaffirm our commitment to justice and peace

We want our member churches to become a part of a joint diaconal and advocacy efforts to work actively for justice and peace

Global Youth Reformers Network

The Global Young Reformers Network is a group of young LWF members who are working to connect youth globally with what it means to be Lutheran, and the coming events of the reformation celebration.

Their current focus is to create dialogue between informed, inquisitive young reformers about what it means to be Lutheran through their personal stories.

Want to get involved? Join the network by clicking here.

Important Reformation Events



Launch of the official Reformation 2017 website


Release of study materials written by authors from all LWF regions to explore Reformation 2017 theme


LWF interfaith conference presentations to include Christian, Jewish, and Muslim traditions


24-29th, Marangu 60th anniversary of the first meeting of all African Lutheran church leaders


Results of the LWF Task Force on  Mennonite reconciliation action in 2010


Global Young Reformers Network conference in Wittenburg


Theology after the Reformation conference



Launch of the Lutheran theology course taught by Lutheran professors from all seven LWF regions, to run through December


Joint Roman Catholic-Lutheran liturgical materials released

All Year

Women on the Move from Wittenberg to Windhoek: Ongoing Reformation project



13-16th LWF hermeneutics workshop


16-21st LWF Council 2016 in Wittenberg


Reformation Day 2016

Women on the Move publication to be released


Anglican-Lutheran study materials released



10-17th LWF Twelfth Assembly


Reformation day liturgical celebration