Champions are not only the ones who win – especially now when we watch, think and breathe World Cup – Champions are those who are ready and willing to stand up for an important cause and spearhead difficult journeys.

The “Lunodia Champions”, Diakonia practitioners from across Southern Africa and various LUCSA member churches have been equipped over the past years to train others in Diakonia, but also to initiate and inspire Diakonia projects in a participatory fashion.

They are currently gathering to document their journey, their learning and their experiences in order to reach out to all those who have not been part of the training.  It is exciting to produce a LUCSA publication with a focus on Diakonia, hence the key function of Church, and surely even more exciting if the book is written by those who are also the actors – surely a publication to look forward to; the publication is to be launched in early September.

And of course as Diakonia Champions they never stop designing and implementing relevant projects, ranging from training and capacity building projects to income generating projects and even advocacy projects for a safer and healthier environment.

Diakonia is the path.

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