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Youth Leadership Programme

Youth Leadership Programme

“Together we can make it”

30th March-6th  April 2014

33 young people, youthful young adults from across Southern Africa gathered from the 30th of March to the 6th of April in Johannesburg, representing most LUCSA member churches. The overall Objectives of this training are:

  • To provide young aspiring leaders with essential understanding of their rights, responsibilities and duties as responsible citizens, to exhibit leadership skills, which shall include soft skills in combination with factual knowledge on issues of local and international importance, as well as increased consciousness about ethics and values and the consequences of one’s own actions and inactions.
  • To develop a cadre of future Lutheran church leaders from different LUCSA member churches, different southern African countries and different walks of life which.

The main Values are the following:

  • Key values such as tolerance, openness, personal integrity, respect, hard work, social responsibility, compassion and preparedness to work for the common good stand at the centre of training young leaders.
  • It is an exciting journey, and the second leg is scheduled for early July.  The training is action-based, experiential and highly participatory, and that probably sets it apart from most trainings to date. The high energy levels have been carried over onto Facebook, where discussions continue, and assignments are discussed.
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Mentorship for mainstreaming HIV and AIDS, TB, Gender and Development Principles

Mentorship for mainstreaming HIV and AIDS, TB, Gender and Development Principles

Date: 3-7 February 2014
Program: HIV and AIDS
Report by Ms Busi Dube

In her continued efforts to enhance the capacity of member churches to respond in a relevant effective, efficient and sustainable manner to the HIV and AIDS epidemic, and following the consultation that was held in October 2013, the LUCSA HIV and AIDS Programme conducted the second consultation on mainstreaming HIV and AIDS, TB Gender and Developing Principles in ELCSA-SED. Mainstreaming is a process that addresses the underlying cause and effects of HIV and AIDS.ELCSA-SED is situated in the province of KwaZulu Natal in South Africa. According to the Health Sciences Research Council of South Africa report of June 2013, HIV prevalence in South Africa is 12.3% however KwaZulu Natal had the highest prevalence of 26.6%in the 15-49year age group.

In this light relevant and appropriate interventions are of paramount importance. 21 participants inclusive of Deans, Pastors, League Directors and circuit Health and wellness programme coordinators attended the four day mentorship exercise, which was held at Umphumulo church centre.

HIV and AIDS activities are included in the Health and Wellness programme

The objectives of the mentorship:

  • To identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats using the baseline survey results.
  • To revisit the mainstreaming review and amend the leagues’ syllabi to include mainstreaming HIV and AIDS, TB, Gender and Development Principles.
  • To identify the work place HIV and AIDS programme\ wellness programme focal person or make recommendations on the issue.
  • Review the ELCSA HIV and AIDS policy and ELCSA-SED HIV and AIDS strategy plan with a view to recommending amendments on mainstreaming.
  •   Planning the way forward for rolling out mainstreaming.

The outputs from the workshop are as follows:

  • The mainstreaming Roll out activity plan was drawn based on the current ELCSA-SED strategic plan the ends in 2017.
  • Recommendations for the amendments of the HIV and AIDS policy to include the workshop policy and mainstreaming.
  • Recommendations for a workplace Health and wellness programme that includes HIV and AIDS.
  • Amended curricula for three leagues including, men’s league, women’s league and Christian Education (Sunday School).

All there will be taken to the Diocesan Council if they have been included in the minutes. The LUCSA HIV and AIDS programme personnel will follow up progress on mainstreaming in the ELCSA-SED church telephonically until October 2014 when the next consultation has been scheduled.

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