International Refugee Day

Post International Refugee Day

LUCSA and Outreach Foundation jointly commemorated the International Refugee Day (20th June 2018) in Johannesburg, South Africa.

LUCSA  conducted the awareness raising and listening to the stories of refugees and assylam seekers in Johannesburg on the 20th of June 2018 during the commemoration of the International Refugee Day. LUCSA together with Outreach Foundation jointly organised the commemoration with the aim to sensitise churches about the refugees challenges in Johannesburg and also create a space of listening to the concerns and challenges refugees encouters in Johannesburg. The event took place at Hilbrow, Johannesburg. There were about 200 people who attended the event and majority were foreign nationals from 14 African countries. The event was also attended by human rights organisations, media and other stake holders who deal with issues of refugees.


LUCSA Diakonia Desk conducted a follow up and capacity building workshop for LUCSA member churches coordinators for diakonia desks and pastors who are serving congregations which are at hot spot areas. The workshop was conducted in Johannesburg. There were 21 participants from the LUCSA member churches. The aim of the workshop was for the participants to share stories and experiences from the work they are doing in their countries and also to enquire more knowldge about the issues of migrants in the SADC region.There were also site visits to some of the migrants and refugee projects  in Johannesburg.  Participants got the opportunity to interact with refugees in South Africa. The President of LUCSA Bishop Horst Muller officially opened the workshop  with words from John7:40-52. The Bishop urged participants  to respond positively at their churches in order to address issues refugees,foreign nationals and displaced people.   Bishop  Filter  the LUCSA Chair for PETER Committee  also encouraged participants to keep on helping their member churches to respond to the issue of Migrants. He said that Christian Education is a tool to be used by churches to address these issues.

Participants were from the following Member Churches