COVID -19 Situation in Member Churches Zim

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I hope you peacefully went through the Lenten period. In Zimbabwe we are in our fourth week in lockdown. The lockdown has been extended to the 3rd of May. We have suspended church services. Pastors use Zoom, Whatsapp or virtual conferences.

Twenty five (25) persons were diagnosed positive and three (3) have succumbed to the COVID 19. It seems people are under a house arrest. Already many are in a scramble for food. Some are now breaking the law of confinement in search of food These face the wrath of the law from law enforcement agents. The government has promised to feed the nation, but this has not happened yet. Long queues at food wholesalers are a common sight, this development however is exposing people to Covid 19.

Essential service, such as health providers, security and some government depart-ments are working. Small to medium enterprises are not working and this will have a ripple effect on the economy. Since the rapid testing kits are now in the country, we could see an increase in the numbers of those infected. We suspect that come 3rd of May, we could have the lockdown extended.


We are operating from home. We encourage our people to adhere to the precaution-nary measures put in place. We continue to post comforting messages and messages of hope.

Thank you for your prayers

In His service 
Bishop C Faindi.

ELCZ worship before COVID-19 lockdown