COVID -19 Situation in Member Churches Mozambique

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Bispo Eduardo Sinalo da IELM

Your situation is also ours to be quarantined until April 30/2020.

We are no longer conducting common services in the congregations. The least we are able to do is to communicate through SMS, phone calls, WhatsApp, audios and videos.  We have organized a WhatsApp group in the three Districts of the church, viz., South, Central and North. We are, using a rotating schedule of responsibility for the activities of each District by weekly follow-up.  Doing morning devotions and Sunday sermons by video or audio and then have them sent to the groups.

  1.  The first week was the Central District that followed up the activities.
  2.  The second week was the Northern District.
  3.  The third week was the Southern District.

Therefore, this is our work strategy in this moment of quarantine at home.  As for the number of Coronavirùs patients, it rose to 36 patients.  It is this information that I make available to you right now.