Advocacy is one of the most important elements of promoting lasting change within our world. The power of people uniting to take a stand and raise awareness for an important cause is a gift humanity must harness to seek justice for all of God’s creation. Join us as we work to raise awareness in the following key areas: HIV & AIDS, malaria, poverty, hunger, food security, human rights, women’s empowerment, justice, peace and reconciliation.

The following is a list of international organizations that are working in various ways to educate, facilitate, and advocate in regards to many of LUCSA’s key issues. We are working alongside some of these amazing groups through our programming and projects. The others, while we don’t officially endorse them as an organization, we recognize that the work they are doing is contributing greatly to meeting the challenges of Southern Africa and beyond. We encourage you to check out their sites and play your part by educating yourself and others on these important issues. Join us by advocating on our behalf to help bring hope and justice to those in need!

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