Rev. Madika “Dik” Sibeko enlightens the female theologians on her perspective as a Methodist women theologian and reformation. The 2014 Female Theological Forum took place at eMseni Conference Center on the 27th of October through the 30th of October. The theme was, “Rediscovering Grace: An African Woman’s Perspective on Reformation.” Photo by: Allison Westerhoff


Women in Church & Society (WICAS)

WICAS serves as a platform to promote gender equality and engage in the women’s empowerment movement in Southern Africa. This desk serves in a number of ways including within the roles of advocacy and the facilitation of regional workshops.

The LUCSA Female Theologians Forum (FTF) is a group that currently operates within the framework of WICAS. This group of female pastors from around the sub-region gather to discuss issues related to empowerment, women’s rights, strengthening the role of women within the church and society, and sharing the challenges they face as sisters in Christ. The project provides a forum for women of varying Christian traditions to come together to engage and share their beliefs in order to play a more active role in society, open up ecumenical dialogue and forge a greater sense of unity.

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