ELC-Zambia was established in 1983 and officially registered on 25 March 1986. The Laity founded the ELC-Zambia Church. They led the Church from 1983 to 1992, the year when they held the first Church Assembly. In this Assembly Evangelist Robert Kalunjele Kaumba, now Bishop for LECA was elected Chairman and Mr. Abonike Nyingi Vice Chairman. Mr. Joseph Helemande was elected as General Secretary. The title for Church leader was later changed from chairman to Senior Pastor. During that time, the Church had already had opportunity to receive missionary pastors coming into the Church. The missionary pastors helped organize and further the ministry. Among the missionaries were: Pastors Yoseph Negassa from Ethiopia, Charles Msonera and Peter Mamugobole from ELCT-Tanzania, Dean Feston Phiri from Malawi, Pst. Paulus Heita from Namibia, Evangelist Lwate and the Late Bishop Manus Buthelezi from South Africa.  Currently the Church is blessed with a missionary pastor from ELCA-America.

The Mission of the Church is to be visibly committed in serving God and humanity through the preaching and teaching of the word and sacraments and acts of love through Mission and Diakonia. The Church aims to enhance church growth, teaching Church growth skills and bringing the Gospel to all people; build capacity, train, and develop church members and Leaders to their full Leadership potential.

  • To encourage spiritual growth and to build Christian character,
  • To enhance a sense of community, ownership, and responsibility within the leadership of the church, and its membership,
  • To prepare current and future leaders, to strengthen the ministry to realize a well-organized and administered church where resources are mobilized, utilized for continued growth, expansion, and sustainability of the church under a skilled & learned leadership.

To achieve these miles stones the Church will continue seeking and walking in companionship with various stake holders & companions especially Lutheran World Federation-LWF, Evangelical Lutheran church in America-ELCA & Lutheran Communion in Southern Africa-LUCSA

Companion relationships and support from the Lutheran Communion in Southern Africa (LUCSA) and its impact on the ELC-Zambia church.

ELC-Zambia is proud of the role that LUCSA played in ELCZa Ministry. In addition, it also provides an overview of our work on development effectiveness and what has been achieved. LUCSA is a sub-regional expression of the Lutheran World Federation and has been working to support the Diaconal Mission of ELC-Zambia. The communion, over 20 years has been providing technical and financial support; working to support Malaria prevention and behavioral change, capacity building, training in HIV and AIDS and PLWHS, psychosocial support, Gender and Justice, Pastoral care, couples’ communication, health education, Conflict Prevention Management Resolution and Transformation, Youth Peer education, school feeding program for the under privileged including short term scholarship funding.  The communion has played a major role in accompanying the Church in these ministries.  It has also contributed to the strengthening of the Church organizational and development capacity with a view to enhance Church efficiency, and responsiveness to enable the Church carry out its mission work.  With this support, the Church has been able to implement various programs and is most obliged to acknowledge the support and impact that has resulted from the technical and financial support from LUCSA.

Capacity building and building institutions became more and more important in the Church. As a result of LUCSA capacity building and skills training the following has been achieved:

  • Leadership and church members increased knowledge and skills in implementing Church program.
  • Church making in-roads in communities and establishing new mission stations and preaching points. –The church now has 5240 members showing an increase of 2240 members since 2008
  • Clergy and Lay trained human resource trained by LUCSA in various program
  • Upgrading its infrastructure (Church center) under competent Leadership